A Performance by the Choir of the Church of the Immaculate Conception
The performance is available for purchase on CD in the church rectory for $15.

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1. God and God Alone
(Phil McHugh) arr. Tome Fettke

2. Alleluia
(Randall Thompson)

3. Sweet Home
(old negro song) arr. Wendell Walu; Tara McCredie, mezzo soprano

4. Sinner, Please Don' Let This Harvest Pass
(spiritual with "Come Ye Thankful People, Come") arr. Jacqueline Hainton

5. Praise His Holy Name
(Keith Hampton)

6. Blessed Assurance
(Phoebe Knapp) arr. Nancy Wertsch; Marilyn Moore, soprano; Everett Williams, piano; Gabriel Ruiz-Bernal, harmonium

7. City Called Heaven
(traditional spiritual) arr. Josephine Poelinitz; Thomas Beard, baritone

8. Rock-a My Soul
(traditional spiritual) arr. H. Roberts; Keith Pennick, tenor

9. Jesus, Lover of My Soul
(J.S. Bach & C. Wesley, text) arr. Richard Smallwood; Elizabeth Freeman, Karla Rivera, soprano; Twila Smith, alto; Fred Peterbark, tenor

10. Order My Steps
(Glenn E. Burleigh) Kay Granger, alto

11. Scandalize My Name
(traditional spiritual) arr. Sylvia Olden Lee/L. Bell; adapted by E. Simpson-Curenton; Marilyn Moore, Angela Powell, Kay Granger, sopranos

12. He's Got the Whole World in His Hand
(traditional spiritual) arr. Margret Bonds; adapted by D. Marsh & P. Russ; Marilyn Moore, Angela Powell, sopranos

13. Come Down Angels (Trouble the Water)
(traditional spiritual) arr. Undine Smith Moore; Marilyn Moore, soprano; Carlos Rodriguez, piano

14. True Light
(traditional spiritual) arr. Keith Hampton; Kay Granger, alto; Duane A. Moody, tenor